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...P-Bot, I'm not sure what to say about this one. Why'd you recommend this to me? I mean, it's good, but not great, but still, I mean...it could be done better is what I'm trying to say.

The original story (known by fans as Season 0) was much better over all. The pharaoh, for starters, was a much darker character. Instead of pulling out his deck o' cards, he would play a Shadow Game, which are all based around whatever the theme or gimmick was for the episode. The back-story was the same, though. Yugi's only wish was to have friends, and when he solves the Millennium Puzzle his body gets possessed by the spirit of the pharaoh when he needs it the most. Oh, and Joey (Jonouchi) gives him the last piece, making them friends.

The main characters usually were all about the latest fad that was going on in Japan, such as yo-yos, beauty pagents, or even Tamogatchis. And yes, card games were still in it, but it wasn't as important as the future seasons. Some of the characters were different from their later counterparts. Mokuba, for instance, wasn't as kind or innocent as he was in Season 1 and onward. Also, his and Seto's hair were both green. That's another aspect. Some of the characters had different designs.

Of course, there were bad things from Season 0 as well, such as some of the weaker episodes or...Miho. I'm glad she didn't move on to the later seasons, or for that matter wasn't a main character in the manga, but she was just a selfish bitch with an annoying voice who somehow made a respectable character like Tristan (Honda) a stupid lovebird who can't resist doing anything for her. Tristan had a clear character in Season 0. He was the leader of the beautification club in Domino High School (yeah, the school is actually a school in this one), he was best friends with Joey since Middle School, and had a passion to keep the world clear of filth and contamination no matter how big or small. And he's also apparently in love with Miho because...

Season 0 was, for the most part, a good start. If it had kept going instead of changing into a show about card games, maybe it would have worked better over all. But they didn't change it for story reasons. Someone probably thought the card game gimmick out shined all the other ones, so they polished it up a bit so kids could get into it and buy their shit.

About the flash, now. I get what you were trying to do with the mouth movements and making it more anime, but in the end it makes it look like a lazy attempt at lip syncing. The Conroy sections I could do without, because the main focus of the show was just to show what an old cartoon character might think of the cartoons kids watch nowadays, as the title suggests. It's an okay flash cartoon that could be done better.

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And I never thought I'd see it animated. Bravo, good sir!

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Peter Bell has done it again, but this time in a playable form! I absolutely loved it, but my only problem is that it wasn't longer! Merry Christmas to ya all!

It was good, but...

It wouldn't let me get past the fifth or sixth level because of stupid advertisement.

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Wow, monkeys are awesome!

Now I wish he had this power in bloons tower defense!

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I'm going to use this for my brother's ringtone. He'd love it...

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I wish I could find more remixes of this song. It's so amazing!

Daydream-Anatomy responds:


Sounds amazing! I think I remember having this game when I was little, but I wasn't sure of what was happening at all.

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Sweet! Glad to see you really liked this tune and thanks a lot for the excellent review! :)

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So this is considered "E" material now?

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WooleyWorld responds:

I'd say, I didn't have his dick whipped out or anything.

If you wanted to make space stuff in photoshop, why would you need an excuse? It's still good, of course!

Well, that's classics!

I love seeing classic N64 stuff being done so awesome because of childhood.

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